MTX Grounding Devices for Blocks

Grounding devices can be supplied on single, bundle and helicopter blocks manufactured by Condux Tesmec. In case of bundle conductor wheels, the grounding device is equipped with independent movement of each contact roller, to allow a fully and permanent grounding effect on each conductor. Grounding devices comply with IEC TR 61328. Grounding cable not included.

IEEE Compliant Nylatron Sectors

Special nylatron interchangeable sectors comply to IEEE requirements for groove radius limit; giving full protection to the conductor. Available upon request for various models from 26 in (650 mm) diameter.

Special head-board for IEEE sector are available upon request in almost all of the range of blocks.

Grounding Devices for Blocks
21007190 + MTX081 - MTX Grounding Devices for Pulleys
MTX Grounding Devices for Pulleys
Special head-board for IEEE sector are available upon request almost of the range of pulleys. - IEEE Comply Nylatron Sectors
IEEE Comply Nylatron Sectors


Diameter 650Diameter 800Diameter 1000
68 Narrow Groove95 Wide Groove68 Narrow Groove95 Wide Groove95 Wide Groove
CASxxx 21000916 21000916 21000916 21000916 MTX081
CATxxx MTX101 MTX102 MTX101 MTX102 MTX103
CAQxxx MTX104 MTX105 MTX104 MTX105 MTX106
CESxxx 21000913 21000913 21000913 MTX090 MTX089
CETxxx MTX107 MTX108 MTX107 MTX108 MTX109
CEQxxx MTX110 MTX111 MTX110 MTX111 MTX112