URW24 Universal Reel Winder Trailer

The Condux Tesmec URW24 Hydraulic Reel Trailer/Winder is designed to work with the Condux Tesmec Pullers & Puller/Tensioners, and operate as a separate winding system. It is a equipped with automatic level wind and negative self-acting hydraulic brake. The URW24 can be used with the following: The Condux Tesmec optional Fixed Steel reel, optional Detachable Reel or a Steel Conductor Reel.

Steel Conductor Reel Capacity:
90 x 45 in (2286 mm x 1143 mm)

21032650    URW24 Skid Mount
21032655    URW24 Skid Mount without Level Wind

Part Number: 21032659 / 21032664 without Level Wind

Reel Winder Trailer
Detachable Reel 21031175 - URW24 Universal Reel Winder Trailer
Fixed Steel Reel 21031760 - URW24 Universal Reel Winder Trailer
Hydraulic controls for complete control of the reel - URW24 Universal Reel Winder Trailer
Built in Level Wind - URW24 Universal Reel Winder Trailer
URW24 Universal Reel Winder Trailer



  • 7/8(22mm) 14,000ft (4,270m)
  • 1(26mm) 10,700ft (3,260m)
  • 1 1/82 (29mm) 8,700ft (2,650m)
  • 1 1/42 (32mm) 7,000ft (2,130m)
  • 1 3/8(35mm) 5,600ft (1,710m)
  • 1 1/22 (38mm) 4,900ft (1,500m)


  • 1/22 (13mm) 40,900ft (12,470m)
  • 5/82 (16mm) 26,700ft (8,140m)
  • 11⁄162 (18mm) 21,300ft (6,500m)
  • 3⁄42 (20mm) 16,700ft (5,090m)
  • 7⁄82 (22mm) 13,600ft (4,150m)

Net Weight 4,500 lbs (2,041 kg)
Overall Length   207 in (5,258 mm)
Overall Width 100 in (2,540 mm)
Height 85 in (2,159 mm)
Maximum GVW 24,000 lbs (10,886 kg)
Brakes Electric
Electric System 12 V
Towing Adjustable pintle eye

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