Environmental SustainabilitySince the inception of our companies, Condux Tesmec, Inc., Condux International, Inc. and Tesmec S.p.A., we have been dedicated to meeting the needs of the present without compromise to the future. This commitment includes promoting economic growth in a safe, secure and environmentally responsible manner.

We accomplish these goals by integrating quality, security, environmental, health and safety into our management processes. Customer and employee satisfaction, commitment to excellence, integrity, environmental stewardship and a safe workplace are the hallmarks of our culture.

As the world leader in overhead and underground transmission and distribution stringing, we constantly review each part of our global business and, in this process; sustainability is a key component of our business strategy. In recognition of the need for Condux Tesmec, Condux International and Tesmec to increase the role we must play in protecting the environment the following key areas are under continual focus:

Product Design

  • Designing and building high quality long lasting products means they will not need replacing for a long time, saving on materials in the future.
  • We offer and design energy efficient products, which enable the end user to reduce their carbon footprint allowing them to contribute towards a sustainable society. Integral energy saving measures in stringing equipment include:
    • Intelligent low energy consuming drive units and electronic controls
  • Our products are designed to be able to be recycled when they have reached the end out their useful life.


  • Information will be issued electronically wherever possible.
  • If paper is required, we use recycled paper where possible.
  • Internet based applications are developed for internal and external use.


  • Manufacturing equipment is monitored and maintained to ensure it is used safely and efficiently to minimize risk and energy waste.
  • Renewable energy sources are used where and when feasible.
  • Reductions in energy use are encouraged in all parts of our worldwide operations, for example automatic light switches.

Material Procurement

  • Parts required for the manufacture of our products are sourced from responsible suppliers.
  • When possible, parts manufactured from wholly or partly recycled raw materials are purchased.


  • We use as much reclaimed scrap steel and recycled aluminum as we can.
  • Waste material from manufacturing processes is collected and returned for recycling.
  • Packaging of finished products is continually under review to be reduced and, where possible, return for re-use or recycling.
  • Any waste products produced during the manufacturing or the coating of our products, which is not suitable for recycling, is disposed of responsibly through approved companies in line with local environmental legislation.
  • We continually look for ways to better lay out our plants in order to streamline the manufacturing and material handling process.


  • Efficient logistics are used when arranging the delivery of finished product to our customers.
  • Employees are encouraged to hold tele/video-conference meetings to reduce all forms of travel.
  • Employees are encouraged to make use of public transport when travel is required.

Environmental Policy

pdf Condux Tesmec Environmental Policy (65 KB)