Electronic Pull & Speed Recorder

The DLR300 allows for the monitoring of stringing operations by recording the following data:

  • Applied pull, with the exceeding control of a limit value
  • Stringing speed
  • Stringing length

The unit can also give the following information for any single record:

  • Date and hour of monitoring start
  • Value for the limiting control value
  • Sampling distance time
  • Date and hour of monitoring end

In addition there is a printer with real time function; it is also possible to print a graph of the record.

It is possible to connect the unit to the PC for downloading the data or to download data on external Pen drive by using USB port on the unit.

The recorder is equipped with a rigid box for transport, connecting cables, software disk for PC connection and protecting case in PVC, electrical power adapter and adapter plugs for the connection to the machine.

Part Number: 21001964

Electronic Pull & Speed Recorder
DLR300 Electronic Pull & Speed Recorder